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yoga & massage
at SKI-INN Hotel Pyhätunturi

Welcome to holistic wellbeing!

Valo Wellbeing provides relaxation in comfortable facilities with professionalism.

Forget stress and give your body a holiday!


At Valo Wellbeing, each customer is always treated as an individual, and the treatment is tailored

to your specific needs.

You can come either to relax or to seek relief from pain.

I have specialized in sports massage, where we aim to prevent various ailments, limitations in movement, and pain through massage and manual therapy. During the treatment, we always strive to identify the root cause of the customer's issue and customize the treatment accordingly.


Yoga is more than just exercise; it's a journey into yourself, connecting your body and mind. Valo Wellbeing offers inspiring classes for practitioners of all levels.

Step onto the mat with confidence!

For the classes, all you need to bring are comfortable clothes and a water bottle.

Flow - An energizing class that develops body control, balance and mobility.

Yin - a calm, slow class where the body is taken care of through relaxation.

Yoga classes

tuesday               6pm                Flow

thursday             6pm                 Yin

sunday               10am                Flow

sunday               19pm                Yin

Price list


30min                  45€

45min                  55€

60min                  65€

90min                  90€


once                     15€

3 times                 40€

5 times                 70€

10 times             120€


Himalayan salt stone massage

Pink Himalayan salt is renowned as the purest salt, believed to offer numerous health, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits. It has gained recognition for its purity and versatile properties that can provide significant health advantages. Himalayan salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, potassium, selenium, chloride, phosphorus, calcium, sulfate, copper, iron, and zinc. These minerals aid in body detoxification and balance the skin's pH. The stones are heated to 60 degrees Celsius. The warmth penetrates deep into the muscles, making the effect more potent compared to a regular massage. Body and mind relax during the treatment, which can alleviate stress, fatigue, and insomnia.

In salt stone massage, muscles are initially relaxed with hot Himalayan salt stones, followed by classic massage techniques by hands. 


Massage therapist & yoga instructor

I discovered yoga about 10 years ago, and I remember my first class being quite challenging. I was very stiff, and my body control was poor. However, I was convinced yoga's healtbenefits, so I kept coming back to the mat. As I progressed, I became increasingly interested in the philosophy of yoga, and in 2021, I decided to enroll in yoga teacher training. During the course, I realized that even though I wasn't as far along in my yoga journey as many others, teaching felt natural to me. I also became more interested in human anatomy during the course, which gave me the idea to study massage therapy. My knowledge of anatomy complements my yoga teaching and helps me understand the complexity of the human body. However, the human body is not just bones and muscles; it also involves a lot of energy and emotions. This is why I started studying body awareness, which approaches bodily issues through emotions. To me, the human body is an exciting and fascinating entity from which there is always more to learn!

Massage therapist Mirja

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Hotelli Pyhätunturi

Kultakeronkatu 21

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tel. +358413190987


Opening Hours

with reservation

find the yoga schedule in the booking calendar

The facilities are located next to the hotel's Sauna.

From Reception take the stairs downstairs.

The massage room is behind the lounge room.

The yoga studio is connected to the gym.

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